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Our Mission

BeONE Sports is focused on globalizing access to specialized training and creating a "new field" for advanced athletic training, global competition, coaching and recruiting.

We have developed "Comparative Training," where College, Olympic or Professional athletes become models for advanced training. At BeONE Sports, kids around the world can train with their heroes!

Our Data

BeONE Sports is generating unique data specific to you and your performance capability. We’re using unmatched visuals to demonstrate your skill, and we’ll connect you to recruits and scouts around the world.

Our goal is to generate more than just game stats and video. We’re creating verified data generated from your training, your work ethic and your capability. ​


Inovation + Motivation = Results

Our proprietary method for training allows athletes and coaches to focus on specific body markers during training. We provide immediate feedback, which is easy to understand - designed specifically for athletes and coaches.



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